Arduino – helping to create a better, open-source world

The open-source concept had revolutionized the way new products are being created. These days, groups of talented developers, software designers, hardware engineers and other representatives of the High-Tech world are getting together to create something new.


Presenting DIY microcontroller

One of the results of such cooperations is the Adruino initiative – on open-source project and community, created and evolved for the purpose of designing and manufacturing “do it yourself” kits for building all kinds of digital devices, as well as interactive solutions for controlling physical objects.


The first single-board microcontroller of this family was produced in 2005, for the providing a simple way of creating new applications. These devices are interacting with their environment through sensors and actuators. Usually these are robots, motion detectors and thermostats. But basically, the idea is to enable any amateur inventor to produce their own prototypes of complex devices.


Specifications and sales numbers

The programs of Arduino can be written in all common programming language, using a compiler to produce binary machine code that will define the activity of the controller. Among these languages: Java, C, C++ and more.


The devices are offered in non-assembled form, the specifications of the hardware design are available online, and hence anyone can purchase it and create their own microcontroller for any need. According to the creators, up to 2013 there were over 700,000 boards delivered to users all around the world.


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